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Kannaway Introduces New Value Packs for 2021



Kannaway Introduces New Value Packs for 2021

Kannaway Introduces New Value Packs for 2021

23 jan. 2021

We’re thrilled to share that we’re introducing new Value Packs for 2021. We first announced these new Value Packs at our Kannaway FOCUS 2021 Kickoff Event on 23 January, and are pleased to share that they will become available for BAs enrolling in Kannaway for the first time as of Monday, 25 January 2021.

For new Brand Ambassadors (BAs) beginning a home-based business in Kannaway, our selection of Value Packs is the best way to get acquainted with our line of premium cannabis and wellness products. These curated selection of products allows new BAs to better introduce the products and their benefits to new customers and team members.
These new Value Packs will join with our current Intro Value Pack, to meet the needs of everyone who joins Kannaway. Featuring a wide range of Kannaway best-sellers, as well as our newly-released innovative cannabis products, we’re excited to release these new packs!

Get to know our new Value Packs below:

Starter Value Pack

Enrolment Price: €220 – 110 BV (50% ratio)
More than 150€ in savings

A selection of some of Kannaway’s most popular products, including innovative Hemp+ Sleep Applicators, our Starter Value Pack is ideal for anyone interested in trying a carefully curated selection of Kannaway products for the first time. This Value Pack offers both ingestible and topical CBD products to experience the wide wellness benefits of hemp CBD oil.
This Value Pack includes:
(1) Pure Gold+ 2000 mg – 30 ml
(1) Hemp+ Sleep Applicator
(1) Salve
(1) Travel Salves – 10 pack
(1) Kannaway Connect Magazine

Share Value Pack

Enrolment Price: €440 – 250 BV (57% ratio)
More than 400€ in savings

Our Share Value Pack is perfect for new Brand Ambassadors joining Kananway who are seeking the opportunity to experience and share a curated, wider selection of our best-selling and latest hemp cannabinoid products. This Value Pack presents our most sought-after CBD products, as well as the latest addition to our Hemp+ Applicators product family.
This Value Pack includes:
(2) Pure Gold+ 2000mg – 30ml
(2) Hemp+ Sleep Applicator
(1) Premium CBG Oil
(2) Salve
(2) Travel Salves – 10 pack
(5) Sample Packs
(2) Kannaway Connect Magazine

Professional Value Pack

Enrolment Price: €880 – 650 BV (74% ratio)
More than 600€ in savings
BA Membership Fee included
Instant SmartShip Rewards qualification

If you are ready to take a serious first step toward building a successful long-term business in the hemp CBD industry, our Professional Value Pack is a great choice. This Value Pack features a resounding collection of Kannaway CBD products, giving you the confidence and tools you need to share the products and their wellness benefits with your team and new customers. It also includes some of our cutting edge CBG and ‘green’ oil products, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of hemp-derived cannabinoid like never before!
This Value Pack includes:
(2) Pure Gold+ 2000mg – 30ml
(2) Hemp+ Sleep Applicator
(1) Hemp+ Active Applicator
(2) Salve
(2) Travel Salves – 10 pack
(2) Premium CBG Oil
(2) Pure Gold 250 mg
(2) Green Hemp Oil
(1) Pure Gold Gel Capsules
(1) Hemp+ Vape Calm
(1) Kannaway Vape Style Kit
(5) Sample Packs
(2) Kannaway Connect Magazine

Premium Value Pack

Enrollment Price: €1670 – 1600 BV (96% ratio)
More than 100€ in savings
BA Membership Fee included
Instant SmartShip Rewards qualification
12 months free shipping included
Instant FSQ qualification

The most comprehensive collection of Kannaway products, our Premium Value Pack was designed for forward-thinking, business-building owners who are serious about succeeding and want to have the knowledge to demonstrate and discuss the wide array of uses and benefits of our CBD, CBG, hemp skincare, and nutritional wellness products.
This Value Pack includes:

(1) Pure Gold 1000mg – 120ml
(1) Pure Gold 500mg – 30 ml
(1) Pure Gold+ 2000mg – 30ml
(1) Pure Gold 250 mg – 30ml
(1) Premium CBG Oil
(1) Green Hemp Oil
(1) Hemp+ Applicator Active
(1) Hemp+ Applicator Calm
(1) Hemp+ Applicator Sleep
(1) Cannabis Beauty Defined Burdock & Hemp Cleanser
(1) Cannabis Beauty Defined Licorice & Hemp Exfoliator
(1) Cannabis Beauty Defined Ginseng & Hemp Moisturizer
(1) Cannabis Beauty Defined Green Tea & Hemp Perfecting Mask
(1) Cannabis Beauty Defined White Peony & Hemp Serum
(1) Salve
(1) Travel Salves – 10 pack
(5) Sample Packs
(1) Essential Oils Trio Pack
(1) Pure Gold Gel Capsules
(1) CBD Hand Sanitizer
(1) Hemp+ Vape Active
(1) Hemp+ Vape Calm
(1) Hemp+ Vape Sleep
(1) Kannaway Vape Style Kit
(1) SuperGreens
(1) Power Protein
(1) Pet Gold 250 mg
(1) Kannaway Hemp CBD Chewing Gum
(1) Kannaway Connect Magazine

Our Value Packs, which will only be available at the time of joining Kannaway, offer new BAs the opportunity to get started in building their CBD business and familiarizing themselves with Kannaway’s industry-leading product line.

We’re wishing all new BAs great success and hope these new Value Packs help you on your Kannaway journey! We’re here to help you in any way we can.

Stay up-to-date with Kannaway, including news about our upcoming events, our ever-growing product line, and business-building opportunities on our News Feed.
Note: These new Value Packs are available in Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan only.SHARE OUR CONTENT & GENERATE LEADS E-mailMessengerFacebookLink

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